Rainflower Jade "Queen" Bracelet Set – LaReina Creatives
Rainflower Jade "Queen" Bracelet Set
Rainflower Jade "Queen" Bracelet Set

Rainflower Jade "Queen" Bracelet Set

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Rainflower Jade "Queen" Bracelet Set
  • Gemstone Bracelet stack of 4 with 5 charms
  • Stackable, wear all 4 together or they look great as stand alone bracelets.
  • Rainflower Jade, Hematite and Crystal beads & findings were used to create this beautiful bracelet stack.
  • This set is one of a kind and made to fit up to 7 inch wrist. If you require a different size please send us a message and we'd be glad to adjust it.



    Purple & Gold symbolize Royalty

    Lion teeth are symbols of rank, leadership and power.

    African Elephant is a symbol of strength and power. It is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty. 

    Gold Rose added to this set because roses symbolize love & beauty.

     Purple Jade has been known for calming the cardiac systems and soothing the nerves. The stone is also beneficial in boosting a person's immune system as well as recharging energy.